The general assembly

The time has come for the annual general assembly of LGBT+HUSET (The LGBT+HOUSE) which will be held Thursday the 31’st of March 2022 at 19:00-21:00.  

Time and place

The general assembly will be held Thursday the 31’st of March 2022 at 19:00-21:00 in Stiften Lounge in FO-Byen, Frederiksgade 78, 8000 Aarhus.

Participation in the general assembly

All members and those interested can participate in the general assembly. Though you must be a member of the association and have paid the subscription fee to be able to vote at the general assembly. If you have not already paid the subscription fee, you can do so via MobilePay on the evening of the meeting.

The agenda of the general meeting 

  1. Election of conductor, keeper of the minutes, and vote counters 
  1. The chairperson’s report 
  1. Approval of accounts for the previous year 
  1. Determining the subscription fee 
  1. Proposals from the members 
  1. Election of chairperson 
  1. Election of deputy chairperson (available) 
  1. Election of 4-8 board members  
  1. Election of 2 alternates 
  1. Election of auditor and deputy auditor 
  1. Optionally 


Annual report

The association's articles of association

Annex point 5 - proposed amendment to the articles of association from the board of directors

Cf. our articles of association, the agenda for the general assembly must contain the above, but as is also evident in our articles of association the association has staggered elections. This means that in even years, a deputy chairman and 1-3 members of the board must be elected, if there are no other seats on the board that are vacant. The elections and the procedure will also be reviewed in the evening. We look forward to seeing you for a pleasant evening! Please write if you have any questions. 

Best regards

The Board

At the general assembly for the support group of LGBT+HUSET, a new board was elected which throughout 2019 has done its utmost to make the LGBT+HUSET a reality in Aarhus.

The founding general assembly for the support association of LGBT+HUSET (the LGBT+HOUSE) Aarhus. 

LGBT+ huset, for et stærkere, sundere og mere samlet LGBT+ miljø i Aarhus.