Why do we need an LGBT+ house?

Aarhus has a very strong LGBT+ environment right now. There are many different associations] each of which makes a unique effort to improve conditions and create social communities for LGBT+ people in Aarhus. With LGBT+HUSET we want to create a place where all the associations can gather, so that communities can be formed and knowledge and experience can be shared between them. This will strengthen the work of the existing associations.

This will be done, specifically, by allowing the associations to book the LGBT+HUSET’s meeting rooms for meetings and events. Associations/organisations will be able to store their materials in the house and to have materials lying in the café so that they can reach new members.

As an LGBT+ person in Aarhus it can be difficult right now to find out what different associations/organisations there are, what they offer, and how to become a member. With LGBT+HUSET we want to ‘open up’ the environment in our house to make it more visible. This will make it easier for LGBT+ people to find out what associations already exist in Aarhus and this will in turn increase participants at existing events.

LGBT+HUSET is built around four pillars. These are social, information, health and culture. These pillars are the foundation of the project. The pillars each have their own area of focus, but they also work together, thereby creating synergy.

  • To bring together and strengthen the existing associations in the LGBT+ community.
  • To increase opportunities to create communities across the different associations in the LGBT+ community.
  • A visible place of commonality for LGBT+ people in Aarhus to seek out information and to become part of a community.
  • We want to make it easier for people to get in touch with others who may also want to create new events with and for LGBT+ people.

They make it happen

Everyone behind LGBT+HUSET is a volunteer. The volunteers are organized into the following groups: the Board of Directors, the PR Group and the Community Group. They’re the ones who make it all happen. See who they are below. Do you want to join us? Contact us here.

What is an LGBT+ house?

The vision is that a future LGBT+HUSET will take on four main tasks. You can read more about each area by clicking the boxes below. 

Do you have a good idea or are you interested in contributing to project in some other way? Contact us here.





Employment of fundraiser

Ajla Dzubur is employed by Aarhus Municipality to, in a unique cooperation between Aarhus Municipality, AIDS-Fondet, and The Support Group of LGBT+HUSET, apply for funding for the establishment of an LGBT+ house in Aarhus.

The idea is hatched

The idea is hatched over a couple of medium-sized draft beers during the Pride Afterparty.

Negotiated budgeting ´17

Approaching the budget negotiations, the lobbying was intensified. The result was a statement of intent from the city council.

Intensive volunteer work, 2018

Since the open information meeting the working groups have been working intensively on developing the vision report and on PR work and networking.

The lease is signed

After searching for suitable premises over a longer period, the lease was signed of premises in FO-byen, Vester Allé 8.

New board elected at the general assembly 2019

At the general assembly for the support group of LGBT+HUSET, a new board was elected which throughout 2019 has done its utmost to make the LGBT+HUSET a reality in Aarhus.


Hvor langt er vi egentlig?

LGBT+HUSET is a member of the Safe Space Alliance, a LGBTQI+ led non-profit organisation that aims to help people identify, navigate, and create safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community worldwide. A safe space is a space where the LGBTQI+ community can freely express themselves without fear.


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