Homo med Forsinkelse (Homo with a delay) - or HmF - is for you who have come out, have doubts or have thoughts about your homosexuality/bisexuality later in life. Here you will find a safe network and get the opportunity to meet and share your thoughts with others who are or have been in a similar situation.

We are a social network under LGBT+ Denmark, which meets physically in several places in the country under safe conditions as well as in closed/secret groups on social media. We also have the option of 1-1 conversations.

HmF is a non-judgmental network for everyone, but we have chosen to divide the group according to whether you primarily identify as male or female. If you are in doubt, or if you are non-binary, you are welcome to look at both groups and see where you feel most comfortable.

E-mail for women: hmf_kvinder@lgbthusaarhus.dk

E-mail for men: hmfmaend@lgbt.dk


    HmF Mænd