The LGBT+ house will, through the health pillar, lift the overall health level of LGBT+ people. LGBT+ people have different health challenges such as they smoke more, drink more, and have more chronic pain than the rest of the population. 

LGBT+ people often feel that they are not accommodated by their doctors, which is especially a problem for trans people who get access to gender-correcting treatment through the healthcare system. LGBT+HUSET offers the possibility for treatment and prevention of health problems in the house, as well as an offer to help LGBT+ people feel more welcome in the healthcare system in general.

The target group of the health pillar is:

  • LGBT+ people who have health problems or who suspect that they have health problems. Additionally, LGBT+ people who are healthy will also benefit from the pillar’s preventive work.
  • Health professionals seeking information on how to deal with health problems in LGBT+ people.

The pillar also offers:

  • HIV/AIDS testing
  • An assessor who can assist in meetings with heath services
  • Information leaflets about health problems
  • Group therapy
  • Conversations with psychologists, doctors and nurses
  • Sex education for adults