The network group "Regnbuefamilier i Østjylland" (Rainbow families in Østjylland) (est. March 2022) is for all those who identify as being part of a rainbow family and who live in East of Jutland (and the surrounding area).

The group is also for LGBTQ+ people and allies who want to start a rainbow family at some point and who want the network beforehand. The group was created so that rainbow families in East of Jutland can establish contact with each other, spar with each other, share experiences, worries, and joys, and make acquaintances and friendships in the local area.

The network group is a group under the association "KvindeinformationsCafeen Sappho" in Mejlgade 71, but functions independently of it. The group's initiator organizes one large annual outdoor joint meeting in September. Otherwise, the Facebook group is intended as a platform where people themselves can arrange/talk/spare/meet/have fun both online and in the real world.

Find the group on Facebook and/or contact "KvindeinformationsCafeen Sappho" on email, who will help you further.