Michael becomes the new chairperson

Philipp has chosen to cut down on volunteer work and has therefore stepped down as chairperson. The board has constituted former deputy chairperson, Michael Sørensen-Bech, as the new chairperson of LGBT+HUSET (the LGBT+HOUSE).

Some of you know Michael and for others he will be a new face in the association. He was, until a few days ago, the deputy chairperson and now he will fill in the role of chairperson after Philipp. 

I would like to say thank you for the great work to Philipp. Without him the house would not be what it is today, because he has been the cornerstone of LGBT+ huset since 2018. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Philipp and it has given me an insight into what being chairperson means,” says Michael.  

And there are a lot of tasks to do in an association that rapidly evolves and has a huge network – and it can make a person sweat.

"It is a crash course taking over the role of chairperson but luckily, I have my experiences from both this and other boards as well as from other volunteer work. I know that among my first tasks is meeting volunteers, collaborators, and others. I look forward to taking the reins as chairperson and evolving LGBT+ huset to make it stand even stronger,” says Michael. 

His work as a chairperson starts with a full reopening of LGBT+ Huset after corona lockdowns and making the association ready for a lot of new and exciting activities and initiatives after the summer vacation, all done in collaboration with the rest of the board.  

The board and main office wish to congratulate Michael on his new role and look forward to working under his guidance. We hope that you will welcome Michael and if you would like to contact him or have any questions for him then feel free to send him an email at michael@lgbthusaarhus.dk

A short description of Michael:
39 years old and married to Peter. He normally works as a communication consultant at Aarhus municipality and is also a volunteer counsellor at LGBT+ Counselling Aarhus.


Vester Alle 8a, 3. sal
8000 Aarhus 

CVR: 39526166

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