LGBT+ Huset should function as a cultural and creative space where the users can experience and contribute to the LGBT+ culture in Aarhus. This will create a community-connection between the house and the cultural life in Aarhus.

This will happen in practice by having the patrons host arrangements where other guests can participate. Furthermore, there will be recurrent arrangements and events where it will be possible to creatively unfold in a safe space with like-minded people. There will also be the possibility of hosting LGBT+ people’s art exhibitions.

The cultural pillar will host: 

  • Concerts
  • Readings
  • Presentations and lectures
  • Political debates
  • Reading groups
  • Teaching, for example partner dances
  • Writing groups, painting groups etc.

The cultural pillar will promote the cultural and historical feeling-of-identity of LGBT+ persons. This will happen by having a permanent exhibition about the LGBT+ milieu in Danish history and in Aarhus in the house. This exhibition will be a tourist destination and intended to be educational for both LGBT+ persons and tourists.

The pillar’s audience is:

  • All people with an interest in culture with a focus on LGBT+ people.
  • Tourists