LGBT+HUSET will be the central information point on LGBT+ issues in Aarhus municipality and the surrounding area. This is done by collecting knowledge and conveying various existing educational offerings such as Normstormerne. LGBT+HUSET will arrange various events throughout the year, such as workshops, lectures, and film screens that provide information on a variety of topics. 

There will always be an “intellectual corner” consisting of a library, film archive, collection of magazines and journals in LGBT+HUSET. There will also be study seats. In addition, we will provide a connection between researchers and LGBT+ people who may wish to participate in research studies.

The information work will be aimed at different target groups:

  • Individuals seeking information on LGBT+ topics. This could be people who are coming out of the closet, or relatives of LGBT+ people seeking information about it.
  • Students who are writing an assignment can seek information.
  • Researchers seeking information can get in touch with people who wish to participate in research studies.
  • Employers and companies seeking information on how to create a diverse and inclusive environment in their workplace.
  • Aarhus and surrounding areas’ LGBT+ community will be able to seek out information about their own community, watch films about LGBT+ people, find books written by and about LGBT+ people and much more.