A good social environment is the key to a good LGBT+ environment. The social pillar will create a good social environment by creating a safe space for LGBT+ people to meet across age, gender, ethnicity, affiliation with associations or place or other physical/mental starting points. 

Many LGBT+ people often experience loneliness and uncertainty in their lives. They often feel like they’re alone with their thoughts about their sexuality and gender identity, which can lead to low self-esteem. An open-minded social community where you can meet others who are just like yourself is essential in helping people out of solitude. There may also be prejudices within the community, where, for example, transgender people may feel like they do not belong in the community, or bisexuals may feel that they are viewed as if they cannot make up their mind about their sexuality. LGBT+HUSET will help break down these prejudices and instead create a shared community across different groups of LGBT+ people. 

The focus of the social pillar will be the café. The café will be alcohol free on weekdays. Most social events for LGBT+ people involve alcohol in one form or another, so we want the LGBT+HOUSE to be an alternative for these. However, Friday and Saturday nights, it is possible to turn the café into a bar that sells alcohol.

The primary audience for the social pillar is LGBT+ people but all are welcome.

  • The social pillar will ensure a community that is inclusive of all LGBT+ people across sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age, and other affiliations.

  • This community will help and prevent feelings of loneliness and uncertainty in LGBT+ people.

  • The café will create a social space where everyone feels welcome. This will primarily be alcohol-free, to create an alternative to most social offerings that are alcohol-based.

  • The café will hold various social events throughout the year, such as karaoke, parties, concerts.